50 years! Of Love?

Year: 2008          FPB Rating: 13
Duration: 86m   Audio: English/Dutch/Zulu/Hindi
Producer/Director & Cinematographer: Karin Slater

Convinced that marriage is one subject that most people are poorly prepared for by most societies, a filmmaker couple set out around the world to try to obtain an honest look at marriage, beyond clichés such as the honeymoon and “…happily ever after”. Considering that Golden Anniversaries must be in danger of extinction, they decide to dig deeper into the truths behind marriage by interviewing couples who have been together for 50 years or more. Only then will they decide whether or not to take that giant step themselves.

Best SA Documentary at DIFF 2008

Best Documentary at Apollo Film Festival

Screened at Vison du Reel, Switzerland 2017

30 years of documentary filmmaking and cinematography