Sisters of the wilderness

Eligible for an Oscar 2018 and won best feature documentary at several film festivals

90 minutes Role: Director / Camera

The iMfolozi Wildlife Park in KwaZulu Natal is the oldest nature reserve in Africa, and the natural habitat for black and white rhinos, buffalo, elephants, giraffes, hippos, lions, leopards, zebras and many other animals. Five young South African women go on a trek into the area, led by three guides; their first encounter with the wilderness in which their ancestors lived for centuries.

Their trip through this Savannah Paradise is a personal voyage of discovery for the women. They not only learn to enter the terrain with respect for its inhabitants and take responsibility for the security of the group, they are also encouraged to find a personal way to relate to the natural surroundings. They all wrestle with their own history, in which loss of nearest and dearest is a recurring motif. While they find a new connection in iMfolozi with nature and each other, the development of an adjacent coal mine and the rise of rhino poachers endanger the future of this primaeval area.

30 years of documentary filmmaking and cinematography